CIS Asset Management (Deutschland) GmbH is specialised in the management of illiquid credit products and the selection of total return strategies. The company employs a team of highly motivated individuals with exceptional qualifications. The team constantly challenges the status quo to discover new investment opportunities. The company actively monitors the performance of its investment portfolios, which include complex liquid and illiquid strategies. The company makes independent and transparent investment decisions based on thorough, objective analysis.

CIS Asset Management (Deutschland) GmbH was founded as a corporation (corp./AG) in Frankfurt in June 2007 and rebranded as a limited liability company (LLC/GmbH) in 2010. The company moved its headquarters to Eschborn the first of July, 2012 and currently has around 10 employees.

CIS Asset Management (Deutschland) GmbH is granted by the regulatory agency BaFin the following permissions:

Permission for contract broking (acc. to Sec.1 Para. 1a sentence 2 No. 2 KWG)

Admission for investment advisory (acc. to Sec. 1 Para. 1a sentence 2 No. 1a KWG)

Admission for investment brokering (acc. to Sec. 1 Para. 1a sentence 2 No. 1 KWG)

Admission for financial portfolio management (acc. to Sec. 1 Para. 1a sentence 2 No. 3 KWG)

Admission for proprietary transactions (acc. to Sec. 32 Para. 1a KWG)

CIS Asset Management is a member of EdW - Entschädigungseinrichtung der Wertpapierhandelsunternehmen (